Butterfly Facial Threading Hair Removal System


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Traditionally facial hairs were manually picked up by rubbing off two strings of tread. Although a great system, it is time consuming and usually demands a professional second party. If you are tired of waxing your body, the Butterfly system is what you have been waiting for. Butterfly treading system is designed to operate easily and in fraction of the time.

This is the best way to keep women's face beautiful and sparkling, you could remove your facial hair in a minute, easy to use and cost effective manner. Electric Threading Butterfly hair removal system is able to safely remove the facial hairs as well as in other body areas. It is a machine you would love to have even you have done laser on your face for the spot they have missed.

The most beneficial function of this machine is that it helps tiny and short hairs to be completely removed, together with the root of a hair. 



  • Original authentic Butterfly by E-APPEAL. Proudly designed in US of A
  • Cordless use with supplied rechargeable battery
  • Charges via USB outlet for world wide use
  • Removes facial hair in minutes, no mass, easy and convenient. Take it with you anywhere you go.
  • This is the machine you would love to have, even if you have done laser on your face, covering spots they have missed
  • For use on, face, hands, legs, any unwanted hair


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