Here is the secret to a nice salon blowout!

Judith Somekh

Give Your Hands a Rest with The Hands Free Blow Dryer!

4 amazing benefits of a hands-free blow dryer…


Hairs are a beautiful feature of our overall appearance and we should not neglect hair styling and how they look. Washing hairs with good products and using high-technology products to style them is not just to reach up to a good beauty standard or match what your friends do but it also our duty to take care of ourselves and project an image that makes everyone think that we do look after ourselves.


New modern products with new technology that allows us to enjoy beauty routines at home and pamper ourselves can’t be labeled as a ‘must-buy’ but they are most definitely some good luxury items worth spending money upon as some people like to get hair treatments every now and then in the saloon but instead of paying so much at a saloon for getting your hair all good, you can spend enough upon one small gadget and get a good saloon treatment in the comfort of your own home.


Therefore, we present to you, the NIA Hands Free Blow Dryer with the following 4 major benefits that will surely compel you to buy one for yourself or maybe even gift another to your best friend.


ONE: Light Weight

It is extremely light weight. Although it has hands-free technology but still nobody like heavy weight after all, it is just so old school anyways.


TWO: Fast and Efficient

This hands free 2250 Watts hair dryer is amazingly fast and efficient to use. It has 3 attachments of a concentrator, a diffuser and a removable handle. As well as, the amazing combination of the ceramic and the ionic technology makes it all the more efficient.


THREE: Easy to Use

The fact that is it is hands-free, fast and efficient makes it so easy to use. This high-end product is totally worth its money because using it is very easy and you might not even need somebody else’s assistance to dry your hair, you can easily do it on your own.


FOUR: Salon Blowout

Be prepared to get a full salon blow out at all times in just $49.99! The 3 temperature controls of hot, warm and cool give you the freedom to use it as you may like or would suit your hair quality. The hair dryer leaves your hair shiny, smooth and more voluminous at the same time. Your friends won’t even be able to guess that you did this hair job at your home and didn’t visit the saloon before the party or any occasion.


So in conclusion, these were the 4 amazing benefits of the Hands Free Blow Dryer. This new technology might be a onetime investment but because of the awesome benefits that you are going to reap over the time, when you will use it are totally worth it and will definitely payout this onetime payment. You can also gift it to a friend or a sister and even keep it for your own self!

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