Here are 4 reasons why you should thread your hair!

Judith Somekh


1. Natural

Besides pure cotton thread, there is nothing else that touches your skin which makes this hair removal system chemical free and natural. Waxes, creams and other hair removal items you may buy at pharmacies or that have been used at salons most of the time contain harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients that can cause rashes and other side effects. 

 2. Money and time saving

Meanwhile waxing and other procedures may take long and might leave scars etc, threading with our Butterfly Hair Removal system is fast and doesn't leave a hair out. It takes one line of a hair and you are ready to go.

Threading is a great way to remove hair but can be pretty pricey at the same time. With our Butterfly Hair Removal system you can do it at home and save time and money.


3. It lasts!

You probably know the feeling of getting waxed and feeling the hair grow a week after? Ugh, how annoying can that be? But not with threading! Threading goes way deeper and therefore you will be hairless for around 3-4 weeks!

4. Anti-Aging 

I grew up with looking up to my mom and asking myself why her skin is always so good. Her philosophy was: Never do anything but Threading. Shaving makes your hair thicker, Wax influences the elasticity and creams are damaging due to their chemical ingredients. 

Threading circulates the blood pressure under your facial skin which improves your cells and the collagen in your skin.

SO, Ladies get your Butterfly Hair Removal and get going!



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